We provide, hard to find, exquisitely delightful European food.

At The Five Star market we serve our customers some of the most delightful tastes of Europe. Our food is imported from all over Europe, including Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and many more. Visit our store today and Explore.

The Five Star Market opened in 2011 by Hadzihasanovic & Prkos family in hopes to provide European food that is hard to find, unique and well, delicious!

Select Products

Our Candy Isle is something to die for.

We carry variety of your favorite sweets and candy imported from all over the Europe.

Deli & Meats

We carry unique selection of artisan cheese and meats.

Frozen Meats, Ćevapi, & Burek

Check out our frozen foods selection. We carry Ćevapi popular Balkan delicacy and much more including pre-made Meat Pita (Burek).

Coffee, Tea, Cooking & Baking

In mood for some Turkish style Coffee, or perhaps you're into baking. We have all the ingredients. Come visit.

Hazelnut Spread, Fruit Spread/Jams, & Ajvar

We carry all of your favorite fruity jams and Hazelnut spread that rivals Nutella.